The Path to Big Data Mastery

Thornton May in ComputerWorld lays out 10 step pattern to getting differentiated big data capabilities:

Step 1: Decide to do something.

Step 2: Craft a narrative.

Step 3: Access Type 1 smartness.

Step 4: Inventory analytical resources.

Step 5: Assess readiness.

Step 6: Centrally manage analytical resources.

Step 7: Create analytic capability.

Step 8: Obtain the support of senior management.

Step 9: Act on insight.

Step 10: Link to behavior.

Type 1 smartness,  is defined as the type of intelligence possessed by someone who does unstructured problem-solving.  Unstructured problem-solving  starts with a situational diagnostics and followed up by proposing  an appropriate course of action.

As with many path-to-mastery patterns,  this approach  is conceptually simple.   The hard part is getting to  successfully executing it.  This will require  individual and organizational courage, perseverance and patience. Delivering the true value of big data is important and difficult.


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