Debunking the Age Stereotype

Highlights From Fortune Data Sheet, email from August 8, 2016

Heather Clancy is a contributing editor at Fortune. Reach her via email
Conventional wisdom suggests that workers of a certain age find it tough, stressful even, to adopt new apps or gadgets.

New data points out that those  of us over 55 actually use more technologies weekly than those between 18 to 34!  The research  drawn from ~4,100 responses also suggests we may have an easier time adapting to tech changes.

Maybe we’ve just have the “Been there, done that” attitude or can see how many things are just re-branded iterations of the same basic concepts (TSO vs Cloud anyone?). Granted they have improved with age, but many other “technologies” have as well.  Try sitting in a 1969 era muscle car compared to one today.  Which one are you more comfortable going fast in?  


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