The Decline of Stack Overflow

Interesting Article at HackerNoon on the decline of Stack Overflow site.

Read: The decline of Stack Overflow  How trolls have taken over your favorite programming Q&A site

It talks to the decline of a site due to the “sense of hostility” felt by those who try to contribute.   While some commentators  indicate that it is part of the “software profession”,  I think it is indicative of most unmoderated sites.   Look at YouTube or news sites and follow those comments where the few moderators allow their “Lord of the Flies” personas to come to the forefront through dismissive mansplaining why their question isn’t worthy  or an unmoderated sites where people are bullied off thanks to the anonymity of the internet.

While I often go there for quick answers or enough to point me in the right direction, particularly with programming languages I’m not as adept as my primary areas.  I was recently looking for parsing syntax in Python to remove all white space around text item. [e.g. ‘ ‘.join(tag.get_text().split())  where tag is the current element in a tuple]

I am finding that if there isn’t code example in the response,  move on.






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