National Techie Day Oct 3, 2016

In celebration of National Techie Day,   MODIS  published the following tribute:


So, how do you know if you’re a techie? Here are just a few clues…

You might be a techie if….

  • Your friends and family refer to you as either the tech, gadget or computer whisperer
  • You’re always looking for ways to automate and streamline everything in your life… and everyone else’s
  • Your first troubleshooting step for EVERYTHING is “turn it off and back on”
  • You refuse to take part in any activities unless there’s wifi access
  • You have a Star Wars or Star Trek obsession (bonus points for collections or outfits)
  • Your favorite television series is from the Big Bang Theory or a SciFi genre
  • Everything you purchase centers around connectivity
  • Your only idea of survival gear is a solar charger and smartphone
  • You’d spend an hour looking for an app for something that takes less than 10 minutes to do
  • You’d rather be on your tablet than interacting with people
  • Your goal is to make everything in your home “smart”
  • You just bought the latest gadget… and you’re already looking for it’s next replacement
  • You don’t understand people because they don’t communicate in zeros and ones
  • You think “favorite programming” refers to coding
  • You don’t remember what the inside of a store or bank actually looks like
  • Data security registers higher than personal security
  • Your friends and family don’t understand your “geek” speak
  • You’re on speed dial with family and friends for troubleshooting their tech issues
  • The thought of losing connectivity is more upsetting than overpaying taxes
  • Your idea of a vacation is a technology convention
  • The only pet you’ll consider is one that is artificially intelligent

Unfortunately, I can answer yes to at least 11.


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