Seth Godin: Do what you’re good at, or…

Over on Seth Godin’s blog is a great reminder  that you should either

“Do what you’re good at, or… get really good at what you do.”

“You have nearly unlimited strategic choices and options about your career and what your organization does. Which means you can focus on doing things you are truly good at. Or, if a particular task, project or career is important to you, you can do the hard work to get good at it.”

His premise is that it makes no sense to just sit there, complain and then do your job poorly.  He reminds us that the “greater market” (e.g. your customer) is selfish.This can be applied to both internal or external customers.   They truely don’t care how hard you’re working or how difficult the task is to produce the results they want. If someone else is consistently doing a better job (or telling them that they can), your customers will find the if you’re not delivering.



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