Design is not how something looks

Design is not how something looks, it is how it works.

In of all places, the American Bar Association website,  an article appeared that had really clear discussions about design, design thinking and my favorite argument about needed to learn and master one’s tools of your trade.

They used the analogy of a joke and how few jokes are actually universal as a parallel to “intuitive design”.

This reminded me of a saying we used in 1980’s PC software:  “Easy to Use is Easy to Say” and hard to actually implement.

Maybe that is why Google has a six-week course on how to use Google Search Engine.  For 90-95% of the users, the interface is sufficient.   I remember one UI product for simulation and animation design that I worked on in the late 80’s. It had two modes of input details: baseline and “expert”.   While everyone wanted to turn on the expert mode,  once confronted with inputs such as the acceleration rate for an object and the load factor differentials for speed,  they quickly decided it wasn’t necessary for them to get the basics of the job (process debottlenecking).



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