Oh, Technology. It’s Not You, It’s Us

AI can now lie to us.   Saw this item in a recent news feed:

At CEO Daily, we always try to send you into the weekend with some uplifting thoughts. But some days are harder than others (and Friday 13th is a prime example). To wit: in a poker contest in Pittsburgh right now, a machine developed by Carnegie Mellon University is beating some of the U.S.’s best human players. “The reason this…is important and not just scientifically interesting is that it will show we can program computers to be deceptive,” says professor Tuomas Sandholm. Exhibit B: Facebook is posting job ads for “neural imaging engineers” to bolster its efforts to read users’ minds. Breathe deeply and recite into the mirror – no technology is inherently either good or bad. And enjoy the weekend. Fortune

Summaries by Geoffrey Smith Geoffrey.smith@fortune.com;

Great news for those that are worried about AI taking over.


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