Funny Quote of the Day: Dave Barry

"Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business."

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The Half-Life of Outrage

The Half-Life of Outrage or Short Attention Span Theater

The half-life of outrage has become very short in today’s social media driven society.  It’s short attention span theater.

Look at Twitter or FaceBook trending topics, it is primarily a potpourri of outrage. People get fired up about some topic for a day, tweet about it, and then tomorrow it’s on another topic of outrage. The issue still remains unresolved.

Nature has a very interesting study titled: “Moral outrage in the digital age” which talks about the social consequences of technology and its enabling of moral outrage.

The study asks the question: “If moral outrage is a fire, is social media like gasoline?”  Are fake news purveyors social arsonists?

It’s worth a read.